Why Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning and Maintenance is Necessary?

Just like any important appliance or machinery within a commercial business, dryers need to be properly maintained, and that includes keeping the dryer vents clean of build up. There is a lot to risk when ignoring dryer vent cleaning, and without regularly scheduled cleaning, disaster and costly damage will always be around the corner.

Keeping a Commercial Dryer Working Optimally

Commercial dryers are used in order to dry a large capacity of clothing, fabrics, or other similar materials in bulk, quickly. With commercial dryers, energy efficiency is important, and minimizing wear and tear is necessary in order to reduce how often the machines have to be repaired. As dryers are used, vents will build up with lint over time, even if lint traps are continuously cleaned out every day, and this excess lint is trouble for a machine. Too much lint in a vent will increase the temperature that dryers build up to, slows down air flow, causing increased stress on a dryer as it starts working harder.

Importance of Fire Safety

As lint builds up in commercial dryer vents, the risk of fire increases dramatically. If there is too much lint in a vent, the machine will start to build up lint more and more, overcoming the capacity of the regular lint trap, resulting in lint getting into the moving parts, and being overheated, resulting in a fire. Regular vent cleaning and machine maintenance will keep the fire risk to a minimum. Moist air blocked by vent clogs can also build up in the dryer, possibly causing a short in electronics.

Save Money with Scheduled Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Regularly cleaning out the lint trap from a commercial dryer vent, as well as cleaning out the whole vent itself, helps keep dryers working at peak efficiency whenever possible. When dryers are working at peak efficiency, their energy efficiency is also at peak. The more a vent is clogged, the more costly energy bills are, and there’s an increased chance of damage to a machine. Repairing a commercial dryer is always more expensive than regularly scheduled maintenance and vent cleaning.

Know the Signs of Needed Dryer Vent Cleaning

There are several signs that a commercial dryer is needing either a vent cleaning or general machine maintenance. One major sign is the slight smell of burning material, which means fire risk is imminent and machines should be shut down immediately until checked and vents are cleaned. Excessive humidity in the laundry room could also mean that a vent isn’t getting proper air flow to allow the humidity to escape outside. Another sign is an increase in average energy costs every month that are unexplainable. As well, if the materials that come out of the dryer come out hot, especially if it’s hotter than usual, that is a good sign that there isn’t enough proper ventilation for the dryer.

Hiring Professionals for Guaranteed Service

Cleaning commercial dryer vents may seem simple but hiring a professional for such a service is always the best choice. With a professional service, they can guarantee the work is done by trained technicians, as well as look for signs of damage to the vents, or to the commercial dryers themselves. Any company using commercial dryers should always have a professional scheduled for regular dryer vent cleaning and machine maintenance to prevent fires, and save money.

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