Taking Note on the History We Create – How the Present Becomes the Landscape of Our Past

When we read about topics that concern the history of mankind, the representational content that is created on that occasion happens in the future of those events. Thus, whenever we come in contact with anything whose origins are in the past, such as novels that were written in the 19th century, music that was composed in the 17th century, philosophy that was written 335 BCE, read of wars that existed there, visit the Colosseum or continue a religious tradition, we become able to observe how different periods of time in our history are a part of our future.

In personal level we may observe how all of our actions we are able to observe in our memories are a part of the landscapes of our own life. In a more neurologically definitive sense, the post-innate neurophysiology of an individual is remarkably different in the end of his life as it was in beginning of his life when the innate neurophysiology became exposed to the environment. In terms of the causal continuum of individual’s life, all that becomes the present of his existence comes into existence as a consequence. Why? Because nothing can appear from nothingness nor disappear to nothingness, but rather exists in consequence of sequence of events, just as the cause for the existence of a cloud is the result of water transforming into a form of gas and the reasons why it moves in the sky are defined by the complex atmospheric conditions such as low and high pressure points and so forth.

The future and the past are both non-existent states of the cosmos. The only difference between their existence are that the consequences of the past are existent in the present, and the existent consequences of the present are what form the future. Thus whatever happens in the past is consequentially existent in the present, although the original causes are in the form of their present effects. Needless to say, that what kind of actions we choose to do in the threshold of the emerging future largely defines the form of the future, and when our actions and inactions are counted in terms of the butterfly effect, the consequences of our actions amplify the further in the future we go. By taking note on that our actions form in effect the future, we could hope that one day we will become able to overcome the existence of war, and focus more on the history we create.

Make Your Presents Super Special – Give Personalized Gifts!

All throughout the year are events in which you’re expected to give presents. There are birthdays, the Christmas season, a graduation, wedding or baptism, and even bachelorette or stag parties. These occasions are held in celebration of something memorable. Thus, it’s always a good idea to add meaning to the event with personalized gifts.

Giving gifts are something that should be well thought about. While budget may be limited, it doesn’t mean that you could only get the cheapest gift in stores, and that’s that! Instead, make these affordable and simple items into wonderful surprises with creative ideas of your own.

The thing about putting in your art and effort in these personalized gifts is you could also redesign the items to fit an occasion. Where stuffed teddy bears are common presents, you could dress up the cuddly toy according to the event. For example, let is wear a Santa’s hat and ear muffs, and then attach a card with your greetings. You could also have the teddy in a basket decorated with Christmas motif and fill it with chocolates. Hence, a simple gift just became personalized to fit the season, and would make good tokens for friends and their families.

For kids, the most thoughtful presents would be toys and clothes; but you could also give educational materials as well. One good idea is to recycle a big box, cover it with wrappers with cartoon characters and then print the kid’s name on it. Then fill the box with good stuff the kids would like. The child would be delighted to have his own toy box or book shelf.

On the same note, romantic gifts can be simple and inexpensive, and yet become special with your handiwork. Why not put on DVD your love story, with your favorite songs on the background? Or give your lover pillows, sheets and blankets that’s all about you, with your pictures or names embedded in the items? Surely your loved one would appreciate the effort you put into such special gifts.

Parents or siblings love getting presents, too. It’s always touching if you could give personalized gifts that symbolize love and bonding. Your parents would be surprised with their framed wedding picture, and your brother would sure laugh with wonder if you frame his cutest baby picture. Address their interests with good thoughts as well. Why not give Dad a bag for his hobby, with his name embroidered on it? And Mom would sure be pleased with new things for the kitchen, like a spice rack or d├ęcor. Just make sure her name or your thoughts – even humor – would be in the items as well.

As it is, personalized gifts is about putting your ideas to work, and looking into the interests and needs of those who you give it to.. Surely, the worth of the gift would go beyond the store’s tag as the recipient would see your artful addition in the present.

Focus on the WIIFT for a Powerful Presentation

A while back I had the opportunity to work for nearly two days with the best-of-the-best sales pros in a client company. We spent our time together focused on taking their game up another notch with a workshop titled “Powerful Presentations.” One thing I noted is that really successful people generally are very open to new ideas and skills that will allow them to be even more successful!

A key idea I shared in this workshop was that our sales presentations are more powerful when we focus on WIIFT – What’s in it for Them – from the open of the presentation through the close.

To engage your audience, it’s incredibly important to tie the message about YOU into what it means to THEM. Who wants to listen to 10 or 15 minutes of background on the speaker and their company? Do you really care if they have been in business for over 75 years? About three minutes into the “background” about you, they have disengaged – you can see it in their body language. Instead, focus on WHY it is beneficial to them that your company has been in business so long. Will it mean a better product? Or more expertise that will solve a problem for them?

Initially there were some skeptics in the group who weren’t sure the WIIFT was THAT important. Until the first practice presentations began and each professional had to sit through all the other presentations. Being on the other side allowed them to feel what its’ like to have a lot of information shared AT them and not tied specifically TO them.

As we ended the workshop, these successful sales professionals commented that it IS powerful to make our message not about us – but that it is hard to do! The more successful and experienced we are, the harder it may be to do something different. To send a message adapted to our audience, with only enough detail that is important to them and then to link WHAT we do into WIIFT statements is not easy. But it is worth the effort for an engaged audience!

How much effort does it take to link the WHAT of your message to the WIIFT? Post your comments and let the rest us know we are not alone!

A Fantastic Present Idea for Children This Christmas

With everyone purchasing presents at this time of year in preparation for Christmas you can start to become very stressed and anxious. The problem is there is always several people who you hate purchasing for, not because you don’t like them but unfortunately they are extremely difficult to purchase for. For many years I hated purchasing for any small children as I found it extremely difficult to buy for them. Over the last few years I’ve found it slightly easier to purchase for them and almost enjoy it now. I realised that I wasn’t alone and there was probably many people who really didn’t know what to purchase smaller children so I’ve written the following article to help inform you of a great present idea so I hope you find the following article informative and useful.

Animal adoption packs are a great present for both the charity who provide it and for the gift recipient. Children love the idea of ‘owning’ an animal somewhere out in the wild and the great thing about these adoption packs is that the animals or charity will send you regular updates and picture to show you how the animal is getting on which children just adore. Furthermore they can often choose the animal they sponsor from a variety in a herd or group. If you adopt or sponsor an animal suitable to the child you’ll really score brownie points. I’ve always adopted a donkey or horse for a little girl and a tiger, loin or panda for a boy. I really do believe this is a fantastic present for the child and the charity as your money can really benefit the animal. Furthermore it teaches the child to care for other humans and animals. Don’t forget you can save money on presents often with voucher codes online or cash back deals.

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